2020 Endorsements

The Board of Directors of Georgia Equality, the state’s largest political advocacy organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Georgians and our allies, is proud to announce its endorsements in the upcoming 2020 General Election.

In a period in which many people seeking elected office are supportive of the LGBTQ community, the Georgia Equality Board of Directors will issue an endorsement for a candidate who we feel is best placed to advance our policy agenda.  The lack of an endorsement should not necessarily be viewed as a negative reflection of a particular candidate’s views on LGBTQ issues in general.

All Georgians should visit the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page to register to vote, double-check that your voter registration is correct, and view absentee voting information. 


Key Election Dates:

Advance In-Person (Early) Voting: October 12-30, 2020

State-wide Saturday voting: October 24, 2020

Election Day: November 3, 2020

Additional Voter Information from our community partners:
Vote Pro-Choice
Informed Georgians for Justice

2020 General Election Endorsed Candidates

State Senate


Senate District 6

Jen Jordan (i)

My closest friends, my closest family members, and my law partner are all members of the LGBT community. And while the fact of these relationships is not unusual, it does make the fight to protect LGBT rights very personal for me. This personal stake paired with my background as an advocate for the protection of constitutional and individual rights makes me uniquely qualified to advocate and protect the ones that I love. Simply, I think that the members of the LGBT community should support me because I support and love and value them. And I will work as hard as I can to protect, to represent, and to ensure that each of them can live free from discrimination and be afforded the rights that any other American citizen enjoys.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Jen’s website at http://www.jen4ga.com/.


Senate District 17

Brian Strickland (i)

I support policies that protect LGBTQ rights, that allow everyone to prosper, and that prevent people from being unfairly discriminated against.



To volunteer or donate, please visit Brian’s website at http://www.stricklandforgeorgia.com/.


Senate District 40

Sally Harrell (i)

I have been supporter of equality for two decades, all the way back to when I was one of the few legislators who voted against constitutionally defining marriage as being only between a man and a woman. I will continue to watch for subtle, or overt, ways Georgia’s leadership attempts to codify discrimination and I call it out when I see it.






To volunteer or donate, please visit Sally’s website at http://www.sallyharrell.org/.

Senate District 41

 Kim Jackson

I have demonstrated a life-time of support for the LGBTQ+ family. From the pulpit to the bullhorn, to press conferences, I have spoken about and demanded protections for all people. As a lesbian, I have a personal investment in making sure that Georgia has positive LGBTQ+ policies. I will read bills and interpret proposed bills with an eye towards how the bills will impact our community. I am also ready to introduce and support bills that uniquely impact the LGBTQ+ community, for example:
-a bill that bans conversion therapy;
-a bill that includes sexuality and gender expression as protected classes for state employees and all Georgians.
-a bill that extends the trial period for providing greater access to PREP.
Finally, I believe that representation matters. It’s time — it’s past time that we have out LGBTQ+
representation on the Senate side of the General Assembly. I am ready to start the journey towards
queering the Senate.

To volunteer or donate, please visit Kim’s website www.kimforgeorgia.com

Senate District 48

Michelle Au


Info coming soon…




Senate District 56

Sarah Beeson

Throughout my professional and political career, I have been a staunch supporter of equality forlesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Georgians. When discriminatory RFRA bills weremeandering through the General Assembly, I was at the ropes holding letters from major businessesurging lawmakers to veto the legislation. As anti-LGBTQ bills flooded state houses across the country, I was leading digital efforts to squash legislation that banned transgender people in public restrooms, LGBTQ couples from adopting, and efforts to undermine marriage equality. When the United StatesSupreme Court announced their decision in Obergefell v. Hodges—making marriage equality the lawof the land—I was the ghost writer for HRC President Chad Griffin when he announced the decision;and had a cold pizza lunch alongside Jim Obergefell, Chad Griffin, and only 10 others in HRC’s warroom. I am a committed, vocal ally to the LGBTQ community and unwavering in my support forequality.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Sarah’s website at https://www.votebeeson.com/.

State House of Representatives

House District 20

Ginny Lennox

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender voters will have a legislator who believes that allpeople are equal and that there should not be any discrimination because of race, sexual orientation,religion or any of the other reasons people try to make people the “other”. I believe that we all aredifferent and those differences should be celebrated.Diversity is what makes us strong.I will standup for and stand alongside those who are fighting for what is right.


To volunteer or donate please visit Ginny’s website at https://www.ginnyforga20.com/meet-ginny


House District 34

Pricsilla Smith

I stand for equality, against discrimination of any kind and will speak up loud and clear
about it. On a personal level, I have worked alongside artists, performers, teachers,
administrators, supporters, and board members who are gay, bi-sexual, transgendered and
gender non-conforming in organizations that actively created non-discrimination policies
decades ago. I have watched a revolution happen in my lifetime: We as a people have
moved from Hardwick to same-sex marriage to the fracturing of the gender binary and I
refuse to allow society to go back.


To volunteer or donate please visit Pricsilla’s website at http://priscillaforgeorgia.com/

House District 35

Kyle Rinaudo


Info coming soon…





House District 36

James Ryner

I feel all should have the same rights under the constitution of the U.S.


To volunteer or donate, please visit James’ website at www.electjryner.com.


House District 37

Mary Frances Williams (i)

Since my election, I’ve being standing up for Georgia’s individuals and families and have worked hard to pushed for real solutions to lack of access to healthcare for so many of our working families, worked to pass hate crimes legislation, worked against laws and policies that promote vote suppression (including language that would have prohibited any local government or entity from mailing out absentee ballot applicationswhich we defeated), and fought to ensure that the public is told when there are ethylene oxide leaks or spills and to discourage other states from shipping their coal ash waste to Georgia landfills. This year, I am if possible even more motivated to keep this seat in light of the disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by our state leadership and their response to recent civil justice uprisings. While there seems to be no interest in actually
saving our lives or our livelihoods from our leadership, concerned Georgians are more
engaged and willing to address systemic racism and inequalities in our state and
country. I will continue to stand up and fight for the health, safety and security of all


To volunteer or donate, please visit Mary’s website at www.maryfranceswilliams.com


House District 39

Erica Thomas (i)


Info coming soon…


House District 40

Erick Allen  (i)

I am a balanced and fair minded candidate that believes in equality for all. We do not want a society that picks and chooses who to find favor or who is less of a member of society for any reason. I believe in protecting the rights of all individuals.



To volunteer or donate, please visit Erick’s website at http://www.allenforgeorgia.com/.


House District 44

Connie DiCicco

I don’t believe in leaving people out, in people being left behind. We succeed when we’repart of a community, when we’re together. That means healthcare. That means education.That means equal justiceand equality. That means people loving whothey want. Thatmeans all faces are beautiful. That means representation. That means we all get a say. Thatmeans we listen to each other. We see each other. We celebrate each other. That is how wewin,how we move forward, how we succeed–together.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Connie’s website at http://www.connieforgeorgia.com/.


House District 45

Sara Ghazal

I will continue to be a vocal and proud ally to the LBGTQ community. I will oppose any legislation thatcould serve as a license to discriminate under the guise of “religious freedom,” and I will fight toensureequal protection, includingbut not limited toemployment,healthcare access and adoption.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Sara’s website at http://www.ghazalforgeorgia.com/.


House District 48

Mary Robichaux (i)

I have strongly supported the LGBT community during myfirst term, including fightingagainst workplace discrimination and help passing Georgia’s first ever hate crimes bill.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Mary’s website at http://electmaryrobichaux.com/.


House District 50

Angelika Kausche  (i)

I’m a firm believer inequality regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expressionand I believe that Georgia legislators have a duty to protect our vulnerable and underservedcommunities. I have been a staunch proponent of the Hate Crimes Bill which passedthis year, and Iknow just how important it is to protect our LGBTQ population from crimes and discrimination that isbased on their identity. I will continue to support the LGBTQ community with good legislation andactive involvement. My opponent, Jay Lin, wrote an open letter in 2016 stating that same-sexmarriage and transgender rightsare “sure signs of moral bankruptcy”. His views are dangerous anddisturbing and have no place in Georgia’s Capitol. I won my district by 317 votes in 2018, and it isincredibly important to not let people who openly dehumanize members of our community to win thedistrict back.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Angelika’s website at https://www.angelikaforgeorgia.com/.


House District 51

Josh McLaurin (i)

I am an ally in the effort to secure full human rights in Georgia. For example, Isupportanti-discrimination protections thatwouldapply to employers, businesses, andlandlords; recognizing and amplifying the voices and identity of the trans community; andpolicies that protect the safety of LGBT individuals, from youth experiencing greatervulnerability to people targeted by hate crime.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Josh’s website at www.joshforgeorgia.com.


House District 54

Betsy Holland (i)

On a public level, I am highly committed to fighting for issues that impact the LGBTQ+ community. Inaddition to the legislation mentioned above, I am also committed to fighting against housing,employment, salary, education and medical discrimination forany group in Georgia. I’m also workingto be keenly aware of uses of sex and gender references in legislation that could inadvertently causeproblems for the LGBTQ+ community, particularly for the trans community.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Betsy’s website at http://betsyforgeorgia.com/.


House District 79

Michael Wilensky (i)


Info coming soon…






To volunteer or donate, please visit Michael’s website at http://www.wilenskyforga.com/.

House District 80

 Matthew Wilson (i)


Info coming soon…


House District 95

Beth Moore (i)

It is an honor to receive Georgia Equality’s endorsement. At a fundamental level, being an ally to our LGBTQ community is about listening, learning, and never accepting the status quo on issues of equity and equality. I have prioritized these values in my first two years as a State Legislator, and I look forward to continuing to earn the trust and support of the LGBTQ residents of Peachtree Corners, Norcross, Berkeley Lake, Duluth, and Johns Creek.

To volunteer or donate, please visit Beth’s website at http://www.mooreforgeorgia.com/.

House District 101

 Sam Park (i)


Info coming soon…


House District 102

Gregg Kennard (i)

I have been a strong advocate for the community for decades now, my professsional and personal life are inclusive and confirming.



To volunteer or donate, please visit Gregg’s website at http://www.greggkennard4georgia.com/.


House District 105

Donna McLeod (i) 

I believein equality for all. My nephew who is gayand heneedspeople like me at the tablewho will fight to ensurethathis rights are protected.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Donna’s website at http://www.electdonnamcleod.com/.


House District 107

Shelly Hutchinson (i) 

Voters who are LGBTQ+ should support my candidacy because I will continue to fight for their rightsand listen to their voices. During my first term, I was proud to vote for House Bill 426 which brings astronger sentence for a criminal who targeted someone because they’re a certain class, includingsexual orientation. I promise to continue standing with LGBTQ+ residents, listening to their concerns,and voting accordingly.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Shelly’s website at http://www.shellyforgeorgia.com/.


House District 109

Regina Lewis-Ward

Regina is a progressive candidate who believes that everyone is equal and deserves the same opportunities. Although Regina is not an elected official, nor in a capacity to appoint anyone, she has had openly LGBT individuals in key positions on hercampaign. She recently and will continue to build political homes for black and non-conforming individuals through the Bet on Us, Working Famiies Party platform.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Regina’s website at https://reginalewisward.com.


House District 132

Robert Trammell (i)

Whether I am in the courtroom or on the floor of the Legislature, standing up for people and making sure they are treated fairly is my life’s work. No one, no matter who they love or how they identify themselves, should ever lose a job, be turned down for housing, or be denied any opportunity just for being who they are.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Robert’s website at http://www.bobtrammell.com/.



House District 138

Marc Arnett

I am a firm believer in fighting for equality and and equity for all people.




To volunteer or donate, please visit Marc’s website at http://www.arnettforgeorgia.com/.


House District 179

 Julie Jordan

Voters from our community should feel proud to support my candidacy and rest in the knowledge thatI will advocate for our issues in the Georgia House of Representatives. Advocating for equality is animportant issue for me in my life personally and professionally. As an educator, coach, professionalschool counselor, administrator and community organizer, I have tried to facilitate dialogue and actionmoving toward this goal. I have led and participated in educational training on LGBTQ issues, informational panels on diversity issues, and workshops on teaching tolerance. My election to theState House will only give me a larger platform from which to advocate for our issues.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Julie’s website at http://www.julieforgeorgia.com/.

Municipal Elections


Athens-Clarke County District Attorney

Deborah Gonzalez

Our November 3rd election has dire consequences up and down the ballot, particularly for minority groups like the LGBTQ+ community. Not only is Deborah Gonzalez’s campaign queer-led, with both the campaign manager and deputy campaign manager being members of the LGBTQ community, but Deborah has shown committed support to our people throughout the years being a consistent supporter of Athens Pride and showing up when we’ve needed her.Our rights are on the line- up and down the ballot, and having a District Attorney who will fight discrimination and will stand up for our rights is so important.Vote Biden to Gonzalez on November 3rd, by mail today, or in-person and early after October 12!


To volunteer or donate, please visit Deborah’s website at www.deborahforda.com



Athens-Clarke County Sherriff

John Q. Williams

My campaign slogan is, “A Sheriff for the People”, and I truly want to represent all people regardless of race, religon, cultural background, or gender identification. I believe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I feel it is important for a sheriff to be available and accountable to all members of the community. I have already stood up for the rights of  out immigrant community, and am also running on a platform to bring true transparency and criminal justice rerform in Clarke County.

To volunteer or donate, please visit John’s website at Johnqforsheriff.com


Cobb County Commission Chair

Lisa Cupid

I believe in treating all people based on character and respect and have low to no tolerance on themaltreatment of others.






Cobb County Commission, District 4

Jerica Richardson

I am committing to reaffirming the rights of individuals, including all members of the LGBTQ+ community. Weshould be clear and bold in making sure that people are not targeted in ways that may cause harm bothphysically and/or structurally. Cobb County has a tremendous amount of diversity that should be celebrated.However, until all individuals share the same opportunities for empowerment, the Cobb County Communitycannot be fully united. Therefore, I make it my goal to solidify the rights of LGBTQ+ members in theworkplace/community and explore partnering with distinct communities to provide more unique and blendedversions of town hall meetings and community events.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Jerica’s website at jericaforcobb.com


Cobb County District Attorney

Flynn D. Broady Jr.

I would encourage our Board of Commissioners to propose and pass a LGBT ordinance protecting the LGBT community from discrimination. Such a measure would signal the importance of protecting all citizens of our community. Providing training for our local law enforcement officers for protectign the community. Prosecuters enforce the ordinance aggressivley to discourage crimes against our LGBT community.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Flynn’s website at flynnbroady.com



Cobb County Sherriff

Craig Owens

Info coming soon…



Chatham County Commission Chair

Jason Buelterman

Everyone in Chatham County MUST be treated fairly and equally.  As the County Commission Chair, I will make sure that we evaluate everything from internal processes to how the County supports local businesses and nonprofits to ensure equality. This is about embracing our differences and celebrating what everyone brings to our wonderful community.   Every member of our community should be heard and valued and I will do my best to make sure this happens.



To volunteer or donate, please visit Jason’s website at https://bueltermanforchairman.com/



DeKalb County Commission, District 1

Robert Patrick

As DeKalb County Commissioner, I will be even more pro-active in working with organizations such as yours to lobby the Georgia General Assembly for nondiscrimination and the expansion of the hate crimes laws. I have a proven track record of supporting the LGBTQ community as a Doraville Councilman. I will work to sponsor and support progressive and welcoming legislation at the county level. I believe every hard working, law abiding, and taxpaying citizen should be treated fairly, respectfully, and with dignity.





Fulton County Commission, District 2

Justin Holsomback

I am a young (30 years old, 31 in July) Democratic Party Leader and activist who recently came out inOctober 2019 as Pansexual. My number one goal in my organizing work is to empower and providespace for young people in political circles, and I’m running out and proud of who I am. I know how toorganize, and I’m making LGBTQ+ visibility and issues central to my campaign.This communityaccepted me before and after I came out. I believe lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender votersshould support my candidacy because my candidacy strives to support them. Advocacy is more thanjust fighting for visibility or wearing a rainbow flag. I aim to increase the voice and representation ofLGBTQIA+ community members by prioritizing their wellbeing and concerns. LGBTQIA+ issues areintersectional and integral to the betterment of our communities.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Justin’s website at www.JustinHolsomback.com


Fulton County Commission, District 4

Natalie Hall

I have always been supportive of the LGBTQ community even before being elected as your Fulton County Commissioner of District4. As the Chief of Staff to the late Commissioner Joan P. Garner, I created support letters on behalf of Commissioner Garner for LGBTQ organizations and other support needs.



To volunteer or donate, please visit Natalie’s website at nataliewhall.com



Gwinnett County Commission Chair

Nicole Love

For as long as I have served in Gwinnett, I have worked to make Gwinnett an nclusive community where everyone feels heard and represented. As a woman of color, I know what it means to feel disempowered and underrepresented in leadership and decision making. I want to create a government where inclusion is the norm and not the exception. I want to make sure our laws and practices don’t perpetuate fear, but rather freedom. I want to fight to ensure that the rights of all of our citizens are protected. I have great respect for the LGBTQIA community and their contributions to civil and human rights. If we are really serious about addressing systemic inequities for all marginalized communities then the LGBTQIA community needs a seat at the table. I will work to make Gwinnett the model county for equality.


To volunteer or donate, please visit Nicole’s website at www.love4gwinnett.com



Gwinnett County Sherriff

Keybo Taylor

I am the candidate here who does not only recognize the problems but has solutions to correctthem. Law enforcement must move to a greater service model as opposed to a constant arrest model.I have the experience from two decades in Gwinnett PD, including serving as the first black Majorin our law enforcement community, to recognize the zones for change and enact them.






To volunteer or donate, please visit Keybo’s website at http://www.keyboforsheriff.com/


Special Elections


State Senate District 39

Sonya Halpern

I believe that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender supporters should support me because I will support them. Their rights continue to be attacked in the legislature, year after year and I will do everything in my power as a state senator to just stop any legislation which rolls back the progress we have made over the last decade, and pass new legislation which offers meaningful protections to those who have long been discriminated agianst for who they are and who they love.



Mayor of Clarkston

YT Bell

As an advocate for human rights and equity, LGBTQ voters should support my candidacy for mayor because I will continue to work diligently to support their rights and safety. I want to ensure that the city of Clarkston is an inclusive city that welcomes all and does not allow discrimination of any kind to anyone, because we know that inclusivity and equity is vital to creating a more connected and thriving city. As a previous Council member, I sponsored an non-discrimination ordinance that was passed because I am dedicated to ensuring that members of the LGBTQ community and immigrants are not discriminated against anywhere in the city. While on council, I was a representative for Welcome America and worked to ensure that people felt that they belonged in the city of Clarkston through support and progressive legislation. Furthermore, I am willing to work with coalitions and other mayors against LGBTQ discrimination and advance legislation that acknowledges LGBTQ rights and truly moves our community forward.


  indicates an openly LGBTQ incumbent or candidate