Early voting will run October 17 – November  4, 2016, with Saturday voting being held on October 29, 2016. Absentee voting will run October 17 – 29. For more information on early and absentee voting visit the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page.

Georgia Equality proudly endorses the following pro-equality candidates in the October 11, 2016 general election.  It is not implied that candidates who did not receive an endorsement are anti-LGBT,  but that those who were endorsed are in the best position to advance LGBT issues in the offices they seek.

Additional endorsements may be released prior to the start of early voting on October 17, 2016.

Georgia Equality encourages it’s members to support endorsed candidates by volunteering, making a donation, and most importantly voting.


SD 6: Jaha Howard (D)

“I welcome the support of LGBT voters in my district because I believe all people should be treated as equals in the eyes of the law. Last year, our state leaders came dangerously close to approving discriminatory bills targeting the LGBT community, and we haven’t heard the last of the “religious freedom” movement yet – as lawmakers are sure to make another push in the next legislative session. I will continue telling the truth about misguided legislation that harms the LGBT community. I will continue to work toward shaping a culture in our state where Georgians love their neighbor as themselves.”


SD 38: Horacena Tate (D)


SD 42: Elena Parent (D)

“I seek the LGBT community’s support to continue my work as the Senator for District 42.  My firm belief in the principles of equality, dignity and opportunity for all guide my policy decisions and have led me to be an outspoken advocate for the rights of the LGBT community.  My love for my many LGBT friends and relatives means this comes from my heart.”


SD 55: Gloria Butler (D)

“I believe I have made a great impact in the State Senate. I have always put the citizens of the 55th Senate District first.  I have the courage to speak out on the tough issues , such as the First Amendment Defense Act which would have allowed discrimination against the LGBT community.  In addition, I have established myself as a respected and trustworthy legislator.  “My votes and my out-spokenness prove that I am an advocate for Women’s rights, a fighter for children in abusive situations along with my service on the Child Fatality Review Panel and MARTOC.  I want to do everything I can to move this state forward, such as, creating income equity by raising the minimum wage to $15.00.”


SD 56: Patrick Thompson (D)

An inclusive candidate who believes in the potential of everyone. Fights against discriminatory laws and seeks ways to enable all people to experience success.Supporting civil rights, relationships, and benefits as the right way to respect people and conduct business.



HD 11: Brandon Crisp (D)

“For my entire life, equality for all people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other thing that makes a person different from the status quo has been the primary motivator for what I am wishing to accomplish. As a state legislator in Georgia, I will not only work toward defeating ridiculous “Religious Freedom” laws that are aimed solely to allow discrimination of the LGBT community, but I will work proactively toward the goal of increasing the rights of the LGBT community in Georgia. I have been, and will always be, a person who fights for the rights of every single person, especially those in the LGBT community.”


HD 22: Oscar Hajloo (D)


HD 30: Michelle Jones (D)

“I welcome the support of LGBT voters in south Hall County, and will work hard to make sure their contributions to our state, and their voices are valued and recognized in the Georgia Legislature. I support policies that favor equality, civil rights, and a brighter future for all Hall County residents.”


HD 40: Erick Allen (D)

“As I often say, Georgia is the center of the civil rights movement and is built on the promise of equality. But minority status does not start and stop with race. In recent years we have seen relentless attacks on the rights of our friends and neighbors…and this legislation is sure to come back in 2017. Until our LGBT community is able to live a life free of state-sanctioned discrimination in our schools, on the job, and in the community, our work remains undone.  I look forward to working with my fellow legislators and the LGBT community to bring true equality to every citizen.”


HD 42: Stacey Evans (D)

“I have spent the past two years aggressively trying to stop the RFRA and FADA bills.  There is no doubt these bills are coming back (along with other hateful legislation) and I will continue to work against them on the front lines of the Judiciary Committee where I serve.  Further, I will continue to my efforts to make college more affordable, with a strong focus on helping more Georgians go to technical college so we can build the workforce we need for the jobs of the future (and the now).”


pride flagHD 60: Keisha Waites (D)


HD 80: Taylor Bennett (D)


HD 81: Scott Holcomb (D)

“I will continue to be an advocate for equality in the Georgia House of Representatives. Every citizen must be treated with respect and dignity. More love, less hate.”


HD 96: Pedro Marin (D)

“I am a longtime LGBTQ ally and voice for justice, opportunity and equality for all. I have sponsored or supported legislation to address hate crimes, employment non-discrimination, bullying and neutral language for parental rightsher harmful proposals here in Georgia I want all my constituents to know that I stand strong for equality and respect.. As a minority myself, I understand discrimination and am dedicated to protecting the rights of all. As we face RFRA and other harmful proposals here in Georgia I want all my constituents to know that I stand strong for equality and respect.”


pride flagHD 101: Sam Park (D)

“I ask LGBT voters in my district to vote for me in November, because I will fight against any discriminatory proposal that seeks to attack, stigmatize, and marginalize my fellow gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. Next year, legislation will be introduced, yet again, that will legalize discrimination against members of the LGBT community, treating those such as myself like second class citizens in our communities. I will make sure the voice of our community is heard in the chambers of the State Capitol, and I will stand against any legislation that seeks to do us harm.”


HD 105: Donna McLeod (D)

“I was proud to have been endorsed in the Primary by an organization that stands for equality. On July 2, 2016 my 16-year old nephew revealed to us that he was gay. He was secured in the fact that his family and organizations like this one are here to stand with him. I still believe in humanity and I will fight all our basic rights to exist in a society that respects us and afford us the freedom from hate, bigotry and discrimination. I exercised my 1st Amendment Right to push back against the Religious Freedom Bill in our State House this past Legislative Session.”


HD 108: Tokhir Radjabov (D)


HD 111: Darryl Payton (D)

“I appreciate that The Georgia Equality Board Of Directors have endorsed my campaign. I look forward to adding my voice to fellow democrats to fight against bigotry and intolerance in Henry County and the Gold Dome. I believe that all of us are created equal and should be treated that way.”


HD 145: Floyd Griffin (D)

Floyd L. Griffin Jr. has dedicated his entire life to standing on the front lines in the battle for equality for all Georgians, and all Americans. From his time as a student at Tuskegee and his marches with Dr. King – to his service for our country as an Army Colonel and as a Mayor and State Senator – Floyd Griffin has, does and will always carry the torch for the equal treatment of each and every citizen.

As the Democratic candidate for Georgia State House Race 145, Floyd fully understands the progress we have made, while acknowledging the fight we have before us. Floyd will continue to be a fervent ally to Leader Abrams, Rep. John Lewis and all others who seek justice and equality for all.


HD 160: James Woodall (D)

“I ask for your vote because I am dedicated to working with and serving YOU. I am the only candidate in this race who has fought alongside the LGTBQ community to ensure civil liberties that have been endowed to us by our Natural Creator, and it is through such a commitment that we shall move forward together.”


DeKalb County Commission

District 7: George Chidi
Central Atlanta Progress, Inc.

George Chidi has been a strong ally to the LGBTQ community, fighting against discrimination in marriage and in the workplace long before our current political climate of relative acceptance. George will lead from the front on equality issues in DeKalb County and in Georgia. His record as a journalist and an activist fighting for transparency and honesty in government also speaks to DeKalb County’s need for leadership on these issues. An MBA from Georgia Tech with experience as a city councilman for Pine Lake, George has shown he can serve in office with wit and competence at a time when DeKalb desperately needs professional leadership.


Henry County Commission

Commission Chair: Carlotta Harrell

“I grew up with  parents that fought and marched during the Civil Rights Era. It was instilled in me at an early age to treat people how you want to be treated with dignity and respect .  I have always advocated for social justice and human rights for all. I believe in   opportunities, fairness, and equality for all people and will govern accordingly.”




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