2022 Endorsements

The Board of Directors of Georgia Equality, the state’s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization, is proud to release its list of endorsed candidates for the upcoming general election happening on November 8, 2022.

In a period in which many people seeking elected office are supportive of the LGBTQ community, the Georgia Equality Board of Directors will issue an endorsement for a candidate who we feel is best placed to advance our policy agenda.  The lack of an endorsement should not necessarily be viewed as a negative reflection of a particular candidate’s views on LGBTQ issues in general.

All Georgians should visit the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page to register to vote, double-check that your voter registration is correct, and view absentee voting information. 


Key Election Dates:

Earliest Day to Apply for an Absentee Ballot: August 22, 2022

Last Day to Register to Vote to be Eligible to Vote in the 2022 General Election: October 11, 2022

Earliest Day for Registrar to Mail Absentee Ballots: October 10, 2022

Early Voting Begins: October 17, 2022 

Saturday Voting Available Statewide: October 22 and 29, 2022

Optional Sunday Voting: October 23 and 30, 2022

Last Day to Submit Absentee Ballot Application/Request: October 28, 2022

General Election: November 8, 2022


Endorsed Candidates



Stacey Abrams

“Throughout my career in public service, I have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to supporting equality for LGBTQ Georgians and endorsed marriage equality when I first ran for office in 2006. In the legislature, I continued to fight for the LGBTQ community as a vocal critic of the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (in 2017, SB 233; in 2015, SB 129) and HB 757, a combined version of the Pastor Protection Act and the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). I will be your ally and champion.

I will roll outa full plan to support LGBTQ Georgians soon, but I wanted to share what I have already sketched out with the help of my team.
An effective government must protect civil rights and fight discrimination. From supporting marriage equality and comprehensive workplace protections to opposing any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, I am ready to build a stronger, brighter state where the gates of opportunity are open to every Georgian.
●Enhance and Embrace Civil and Human Rights: Adopt protections in housing, employment and public accommodations for all Georgians, including those who fear discrimination.
●Respect Georgia’s Families: Bolster the rights of LGBTQ+ parents who seek to grow their families but do not yet have necessary legal protections.
●Nurture and Protect LGBTQ+ children: Cultivate school programs that proactively support LGBTQ+ kids and work to halt bullying, harassment and discrimination.
●Fair and Diverse Economy for all Georgians: Reform the Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity into the Georgia Commission on Human Rights. This restructured commission will have the ability to set clear pathways for harassment complaints, be a referral point for Georgia workers, and oversee mediation or investigations into harassment for those workers who do not fall under federal purview.”

To learn more about Stacey’s campaign, visit www.staceyabrams.com.

Lieutenant Governor :

Charlie Bailey  

“As a child, my great uncle — a lawyer himself — would always tell me about how we can use the
law to improve people’s lives and protect their rights. That’s why he was a lawyer, and it’s why I decided to become one. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how influential he really was in the Civil Rights Movement — as IRS chief under President Richard Nixon, he overturned a ruling that granted tax exemptions to segregated private schools in the South.

My great uncle’s legacy has always inspired me to use the law for justice, not for discrimination.
As Lt. Governor, that’s why I won’t stand for any “religious freedom” laws in Georgia. Or allow
our trans kids to be used as a political football. Or put up with anyone who tries to score political
points by discriminating members of the LGBTQ+ community.

We are building on our campaign infrastructure from 2018. After being drastically outspent 4:1
yet still winning the highest percentage of the vote of any down-ballot candidate, I have proven
my ability to be a formidable statewide candidate that has broad appeal and will be an asset to
the entire Democratic ticket.”


To learn more about Charlie’s campaign, visit CharlieforGeorgia.com.

Secretary of State:

Bee Nguyen

“As a lawmaker and organizer, a central focus of my work is to fight for equality and justice for everybody in all aspects of the law and in the ways in which we operate as a society. I have remained steadfast and true to my commitment in building a broad based and cross sectional coalition, inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. I believe that we are only made stronger when our laws are free from discrimination and when our communities are not confronted with the realities of hate and discrimination. I will always use my voice and whatever platform I am afforded to fight on behalf of these ideals.”


To learn more about Bee’s campaign, visit www.beeforgeorgia.com.

Attorney General:

Jen Jordan

“I’m running for Attorney General to be an advocate for all Georgians, not just those with power, money, or status. Serving in the General Assembly for the last five years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the threats to progress that we face from our own elected leaders. The passage of the hate crimes statute in 2020 was a huge victory for the LGBTQ community and other marginalized groups, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. This session, we have seen the introduction of bills that would censor classroom learning and prevent students and educators from openly discussing what it means to be a member of the LGBTQ community. It’s never been more important that we elect statewide leaders who will not only provide a check on extremism, but proactively advocate for the LGBTQ community. My opponent, Chris Carr, has repeatedly used taxpayer dollars to pursue partisan lawsuits, including those aimed at restricting the rights of LGBTQ individuals. As Attorney General, I will never defend a state law that violates Georgians’ rights. I will vocally issue legal opinions on legislative matters concerning the LGBTQ community, aggressively prosecute hate crimes, and fight discrimination wherever it exists. My closest friends, my closest family members, and my law partner are all members of the LGBTQ community. And while the fact of these relationships is not unusual, it does make the fight to protect LGBT rights very personal for me.”


To learn more about Jen’s campaign, visit www.jen4ga.com

Labor Commissioner (Democratic Primary):

William Boddie

“…I will work to proactively work to promote workforce development and training/retraining in the LGBTQ community. I will have a zero tolerance policy on reports of discrimination in the workplace or in hiring. This should go without saying, but I will be accessible to respond to the issues affecting the LGBTQ and to work in partnership to resolve those issues.” 



To learn more about Boddie’s campaign, visit www.boddieforga.com 

Georgia State Superintendent of Schools:

Alisha Searcy

“I have a long standing record of being an ally you can always count on. That won’t change. I can also say this here. You want a state superintendent who will unapologetically fight for this community . Let’s win for kids. All of them.”





To learn more about Alisha’s campaign, visit www.searcyforsuperintendent.com

Senate District 2:

Derek Mallow

“They have a voice with my voice. We fight together, and shoulder to shoulder to ensure that all of us have equal rights.”




To learn more about Derek’s campaign, visit derekforgeorgia.com 

Senate District 6:

Jason Esteves

“…I believe we all deserve to live in a state where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. While we my have diverse backgrounds and beliefs, we all deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. I will continue to be a strong ally to the LGBTQ community. I will fight against laws that discriminate against people because of who they are, where they are from, or who they love; while also fighting for a strong public education system, access to affordable healthcare, and a thriving economy.”  


To learn more about Jason’s campaign, visit www.jasonesteves.com 

Senate District 7:

Nabilah Islam

“I will fight every day against GOP fear mongering, homophobia, and transphobia that puts our LGBTQ+ community at risk. Georgia does not have a comprehensive civil rights law that outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual
orientation, and gender identity. I am committed to passing civil rights legislation that would protect individuals from discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment. I will also fight against any attempts to weaken the rights that we already
have, like marriage equality, and I will fight to protect LGBTQ kids from violence, bullying, and discrimination. We need outspoken leaders committed to uplifting our LGBTQ+ communities and ensuring equal protection under the law.”


To learn more about Nabilah’s campaign, visit www.nabilahislam.com.

Senate District 14:

Josh Mclaurin 

“I believe that members of the LGBTQ+ community should support my candidacy because I recognize the fight that we are in for the right to live freely and authentically without fear of discrimination and persecution from government leaders who seek to dismiss and outright oppress anyone they do not tolerate or understand. In the four years that I have been a state representative, I believe I have been a consistent ally to the LGBTQ+ community on the issues that matter–from standing tall in the fight against bills to target transgender kids in our schools and speaking out against bills that allow censorship of LGBTQ+ identities in our classrooms to fighting for commonsense legislation to address housing affordability and provide better access to health care.”


To learn more about Josh’s Campaign, visit Joshforgeorgia.com

Senate District 17:

Brian Strickland


*Quote to come*




To learn more about Brian’s campaign, visit www.stricklandforgeorgia.com

Senate District 18:

Chris Benton

“I will always be an advocate for the LGBTQ community in the GA senate, including working to protect marriage equality as previously mentioned, and to remove barriers to healthcare, the ability for same sex parents to adopt, and have the same  access to opportunities to professionally and privately.”


To learn more about Chris’ campaign, please visit www.chrisbentonga.com.

Senate District 22:

Harold V. Jones II

*Quote to Come*





Senate District 40: 

Sally Harrell

“I have a long history of supporting LGBTQ+ rights, going all the way back to the early 2000’s opposing the anti-marriage constitutional amendments. Recently, I stood up for Trans rights, opposing the ban on trans kids in sports. 



To learn more about Sally’s campaign, please visit www.sallyharrell.org

Senate District 41

Kim Jackson

“God has afforded me the opportunity to be an advocate, ally, and champion for justice in various ways. I want the opportunity to continue to be that for our LGBT+ communities and beyond, but I can only do that with everyone’s vote. We must all come together to fight the battles ahead of us for equality and justice for all.
Regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, we all deserve equality.”


To learn more about Kim’s campaign, please visit www.kimforgeorgia.com. 

Senate District 46:

Andrew Ferguson

“As a legislator, I will always support protecting the LGBT+ community from discrimination. I believe everyone has the right to live safely, including having access to housing and healthcare,
which affect LGBT+ youth disproportionately.”



To learn more about Andrew’s campaign, please visit www.georgiacantwait.com.

Senate District 48:

Josh Uddin

“LGBTQ Georgians can count on me to always support equality and inclusion and stand against hateful, discriminatory and bigoted legislation and attacks. I support legislation and policies that ensure that the LGBTQ community in our state is recognized, supported, and always has a seat at the table when decisions are made. I will never sign on to any legislation that harms the people of Georgia/my district or targets anyone for their identity. I want to pass strong civil rights and anti discrimination legislation and protections and I want to invest in public health.”


To learn more about Josh’s campaign, visit www.joshuddin.com

House District 29:

Devin Pandy

“Simply, because I am the only candidate in this race who supports them. I believe all people, regardless of the label placed on them, are deserving of fairness, equity, and respect.”




To learn more about Devin’s campaign, please visit www.DevinPandy.com.

House District 30:

Kim Floria





To learn more about Kim’s campaign, please visit www.kimfloriaforgeorgia.com 

House District 35:

Lisa Campbell

“I’m running for the Georgia House of Representatives, District 35, representing Kennesaw and Acworth, because every Georgian deserves to live in a better Georgia for all, where everyone’s voices, values, and votes matter. Everyone deserves equitable access to quality, affordable healthcare, fully funded schools, safe communities, and a sustainable environment. We all want to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect including equitable access to our shared resources, equal rights to love who we want and raise the families we choose, and the constitutional right to
bodily autonomy. I am looking forward to affirmatively working for the people of Georgia because we are better and more effective when we collaborate and work together. As a long time Georgia resident, business owner and entrepreneur, I am ready to put my 30+ years of professional leadership experience to work for Georgia House District 35.”

To learn more about Lisa’s campaign, please visit www.lisaforga.com. 

House District 37: 

Mary Frances Williams

“They should support me because I support issues important to them at the State




To learn more about Mary’s campaign, please visit www.maryfranceswilliams.com

House District 40:

Doug Stoner

“Because of my record supporting the rights of the community over the last 20 years of my public service, when those positions were not politically popular.”




To learn more about Doug’s campaign, visit www.stonerforhouse.com

House District 43:

Solomon Adesanya

“I am 100% for inclusivity. Nobody should be discriminated against because of their sexuality, color, or how they pray. I will fight to protect the rights of everyone. When one person justice is threatened, everyone justice becomes threatened. We have to support and elect candidate like myself  who share the value of this community.”


To learn more about Solomon’s campaign, visit www.solomonforgeorgia.com 

House District 48

Mary Robichaux

“I ran on the premise that ALL Georgians deserve the same opportunities regardless of where they live, what they do, who they love or how they identify themselves. I believe that we all are vital parts of this great country and the only way we continue to be great is to full embrace everyone in all forms of their unique talents and gifts that we bring to the table. Discrimination is wrong and must be stopped in all forms that are unfortunately present today.”



To learn more about Mary’s campaign, please visit www.electmaryrobichaux.com

House District 49: 

Peggy Gillen

LGBTQ individuals should support my candidacy because I believe the right to be who you are, to love who you love, to marry whomever you wish, and to raise children if you wish, are rights that belong to everyone. Equally, I will always fight for these basic rights to remain protected by law. Once elected, my office and my seat, are safe spaces for all members of the LGBTQ community. 


To learn more about Peggy’s campaign, please visit www.peggygillenforgeorgia.com.

House District 50:

Michell Au

“Taking care of people is my life’s work, and the well-being and health of this community will always be my focus. This includes underrepresented members of my community that often don’t feel they have a voice in the legislature. I will continue to be a legislator who listens to the concerns of the LGBTQ community, and advocate tenaciously for the best interests of all those I represent and continue to report back on the progress we’ve made.” 


To learn more about Michelle’s campaign, visit www.auforga.com

House District 51:

Esther Panitch

“I have spent my entire professional career standing up to abusers and advocating for survivors. I will stand by the LGBT community as an ally against oppressive legislation aimed at further marginalizing LGBT Georgians, such as Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t say gay” bill or the Greg Abbott’s investigation order which would utilize the power of the state to abuse trans children trans children. As I work to expand Medicaid, I will make sure our LGBT citizens aren’t left behind. The work is also personal to me as I have family, close friends and employees (whom I love) who belong to the LGBT community. The improvement of trans healthcare and reproductive healthcare are essential components of my vision for an expanded Medicaid. Employment discrimination is one of the major factors keeping over 1 in 4 LGBT Georgians in poverty. When I fight to bring jobs to my district, I will make sure that fair hiring standards are enforced.”


To learn more about Esther campaign, visit www.estherforgeorgia.com

House District 52:

Shea Roberts

“Because I am an ally and I will do everything within my power to make sure that the state does not pass laws that discriminate against any Georgian because of their sexual orientation or identification.
I have friends and family members who are very important to me and there is absolutely no reason they should be treated any differently because of who they love or how they identify.”


To learn more about Shea’s campaign, please visit www.sheaforgeorgia.com 

House District 53:

Kelly Coffman

“I will fight to protect (LGBTQ community’s) right to marriage, to gender affirming care healthcare and access to sports.”



To learn more about Kelly’s campaign, please visit www.coffmanforga.com.

House District 54:

Betsy Holland

I have a proven track record of fighting for equality and equity for all Georgians.”




To learn more about Betsy’s campaign, visit www.betsyforgeorgia.com

House District 55:

Inga Willis

I humbly ask for the support of the LGBTQ+ community because fundamentally, I care about the issues that impact their quality of life. I believe in inclusion, and at the core of my character is the spirit of progression, asking not can we, but ARE we moving forward? The LGBTQ+ community will always have a seat at the table of thought for District 55. Additionally, acceptance and appreciation for diversity was a guiding factor in my formative and professional years as an Executive in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. Without the LGBTQ+ community, industries would topple!


To learn more about Inga’s Campaign, visit www.willisforgeorgia.org.

House District 68:

Tish Naghise

I believe in the U.S. Constitution of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People love who they love. I have seen my friends and family in loving relationships that are LGBTQ+.”



To learn more about Tish’s campaign, please visit www.tish4georgia.com.

House District 74:

William Harris

“It took me a long time to get to my current worldview but I realized the most important thing when discussing marginalized communities: it ain’t my place to liberate them, my job is to follow these communities and directly address the needs they have. I’m vocal about my support of LGBTQ+ individuals. My paid staffer is the local organizer of our Pride events here and my campaign is hoping to support them with future events going into the future.”


 To learn more about William’s campaign visit www.RepresentativeOfThePeople.com

House District 81:

Scott Holcomb

I listen, work hard, and have no tolerance for bigotry and discrimination.”




To learn more about Scott’s campaign, please visit www.votescottholcom.com.

House District 82:

Mary Margaret Oliver

I have always supported LGBTQ issues and I will continue to do so.”





To learn more about Mary’s campaign, please visit www.marymargaretoliver.org.

House District 83:

Karen Lupton

“With at least one member of the Supreme Court boldly proposing to reconsider federal marriage protections, it is more important than ever to elect state legislators who will do everything they can to protect the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Georgia should be a leader in protecting the freedoms and rights of every person. We cannot go backwards, as a country or as a state in this regard. I will never tolerate discrimination, no matter a person’s race, creed or identity. I will reject any proposed
legislation that seeks to undermine a person’s freedom to marry, to live peacefully, to be safe from harassment, to secure and keep safe housing, and to have equality in the workplace.”


To learn more about Karen’s campaign, please visit www.karenlupton.com.

House District 86:

Imani Barnes

“I am a lesbian that stands for LGBTQ rights, protections, and equality.”




To learn more about Imani’s campaign, visit www.imani4ga.com.

House District 89:

Becky Evans

“As the daughter of a civil rights activist and Biblical scholar, I believe that we must stand up for the dignity and human rights of all people, including those in the LGBTQIA+ community. In my run for office, I have made a point of seeking out the perspectives of LGBTQIA+ people.  My website was designed and is maintained by a same sex millennial couple who self identify as queer. I’ve worked hard to keep a diverse set of voices at the table before and during my first term and both my 2018 and 2020 campaigns.  Through my work in my community, I have learned the importance of reaching across differences to work for the benefit of all people. I bring my passion for social justice to the Gold Dome, to not only fight regressive religious freedom bills, but also to sponsor legislation that will protect the LGBTQIA+ community, especially in the areas of healthcare access. I’m incredibly passionate about working to decriminalize HIV status, improve needle exchange programs, more adequately fund HIV prevention programs for our youth, do more outreach to at-risk LGBTQ youth especially around the issue of homelessness and bullying, and fight to secure the family rights of ALL Georgia families.”


To learn more about Becky’s Campaign, please visit www.beckyevans.com 

House District 90:

Saira Draper

“LGBTQ voters should support my candidacy for the same reasons I hope all voters will: I will be a relentless and passionate advocate for all of the people I represent. Just as I have in my career as a voting rights leader, immigration advocate, and litigator, I will stand up for our rights at the State Capitol, working overtime to extend our paltry legal protections for LGBTQ people and resist efforts to enshrine additional discrimination in our laws. I look forward to working with and learning from LGBTQ lawmakers and, beyond the legislative session, helping elect more of them to office.”


To learn more about Saira’s campaign, please visit www.votesaira.com

House District 96:

Pedro “Pete” Marin





To learn more about Pedro’s campaign, please visit www.marinstatehouse.com

House District 97:

Ruwa Romman  

“As a Muslim woman, I am all too familiar with hate crimes and civil rights infringements. I firmly believe that my liberation and protection is interconnected with the liberation and protection of all people. Laws and policies like Governor Abbott’s policies to take transgender kids away from their parents in Texas will inevitably everyone who is not the “right kind of ideology” of the day. I want to earn the support of the LGBTQ community because we are safest together, and I’m uniquely qualified  to take on these challenges head on.”  


To learn more about Ruwa’s campaign, visit www.ruwa4georgia.com. 

House District 99:

Om Duggal

“I believe that equal rights for all people is important for democracy. My opponent would not support positive legislation for LGBTQ community.”




To learn more about Om’s campaign, please visit www.om4georgia.com.

House District 101

Gregg Kennard

“I believe love is love, and I support all measures that provide diversity and inclusion and oppose any measures that discriminate.”



To learn more about Gregg’s campaign, please visit www.rep-greggkennard.com

House District 102:

Gabe Okoye

“I have always supported equality and I helped organize an effort to reject discriminatory legislation such as the RFRA legislative proposal from the GOP when I was the Chairman of the Gwinnett County Democratic Party. As Chairman of the Gwinnett County Democratic Party, I worked to strengthen our ties with and make the party more welcoming for LGBTQ Gwinnettians, including working to ensure Gwinnett County recognizes Pride Month and lobbying the county to adopt a non-discrimination ordinance, something I am still advocating for. I will always vote in a manner that aligns with the values and priorities of Georgia Equality and the LGBTQ community in our state, I will never waver in the fight for equality and dignity, and I want to pass strong civil rights and hate crimes legislation. I support investments in public health, and I want to protect students and educators from the lies and bigoted panic that the Republican party has pursued when it comes to education policy and gender expression and sexual identity policies. Discrimination is evil and I will be a reliable vote against it, I will always
sign onto bills that protect our rights and make life better for every Georgian.”


To learn more about Gabe’s campaign, please visit www.voteforgabe.com.

House District 105:

Farooq Mughal

“I believe in diversity, equality, and inclusion and I have always fought to champion and support the rights of LGBTQ Georgians to live authentic lives free of discrimination and hate. I have always
supported breaking down barriers in this state when it comes to equality, and I recognize that LGBTQ Georgians are an essential part of our community that we must support, and protect from those who spread lies and seek to do harm. I have fought discriminatory legislation such as RFRA in my role with both the Democratic party and through my public affairs work, and I have and will continue to promote policy priorities like inclusive school policies and school curriculum, investments in public health, and helping support LGBTQ business owners and entrepreneurs through a variety of means, including ensuring that these business owners and entrepreneurs have access to bid for state and local government contracts. The current system often deprives LGBTQ business owners of a fair opportunity
to secure these lucrative contracts and keeps wealth concentrated with a select few, I want to work to
change this system and have worked in Gwinnett County to do this. I will sponsor and work towards
the passage of a statewide Civil Rights law that includes protections for LGBTQ Georgians and
protections on the basis of gender expression and sexual orientation.”


To learn more about Farooq’s campaign, please visit www.mughalforgeorgia.com

House District 106:

Shelly Hutchinson

“Voters who are LGBTQ+ should support my candidacy because I will continue to fight for their rights and listen to their voices. During my tenure at the Ga General Assembly, I was proud to vote for House Bill 426 which brings a stronger sentence for a criminal who targeted someone because they’re a certain class, including sexual orientation. I also worked internally to make sure the bill targeting Trans Youth in sports did not get a hearing (so far) in Health and Human
Services. I promise to continue standing with LGBTQ+ residents, listening to their concerns, and
voting accordingly.”


To learn more about Shelly’s campaign, please visit www.shellyforgeorgia.com

House District 107:

Sam Park

“I have been a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights and progress and continue to work to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Georgia.”




Learn to more about Sam’s campaign, please visit www.samforgeorgia.com

House District 108:

Jasmine Clark

“In my two terms in the legislature, I have been a strident ally of the LGBTQ+ community. I have consistently supported legislation that would improve the lives of LGBTQ+ Georgians–especially both youth and educators. Representing one of the most diverse districts in Georgia, the different needs of individual communities is always on my mind. I supported Lilburn’s first annual Lilburn Pride Prom, which I also proudly attended. I am a member of our Lilburn Pride Facebook group and actively engage with my constituents there to listen to the local and national issues that concern them.

I’ve sponsored legislation that would update GA’s sex education requirements to require that HIV prevention replace “AIDS” prevention. While this may seem like a trivial change to those who do not work in this area, as an HIV researcher, I am keenly are that HIV and AIDs are not the same and are not interchangeable terms. Our students deserve to be empowered with factual, medically accurate information, and not stigmatizing, outdated

To learn more about Jasmine’s campaign, please visit www.jasmineclarkforgeorgia.com

House District 120:

Mokah Jasmine Johnson

“Freedom is at the core of my platform. There is nothing more fundamental to freedom than the unencumbered ability to determine your own identity, gender, sexual orientation, and partner. I will fight to protect these freedoms from attacks by those on the right—especially by my opponent Houston Gaines. As an anti-discrimination advocate, my top priority is to repeal HB 481 to ensure abortion access for all, especially the LGBTQ+ community, and to enact laws that further protect access to marriage for all.”


To learn more about Mokah’s campaign, please visit www.mokahforgeorgia.com.

House District 121:

Jeff Auerbach

“I would hope to gain the support of the LGBTQ community because above all I believe that everyone is entitled to first class citizenship no matter how they identify. I will oppose any and all attempt to
abridge the rights of any community and fight as hard as I can to make sure that adults in the legislature cannot enact laws that do little more than bully children for being different.”


To learn more about Jeff’s campaign, please visit www.jeff4georiga.com

House District 147: 

Ariel Phillips

“If elected, I will be the first non-binary state legislator in Georgia. I have a vested interest in the LGBTQ+ community and protecting it is one of my priorities. I am proud of my community and will happily fight for it, especially during a time where there is such a threat to our basic human rights. ” 




To learn more about Ariel’s campaign, please visit www.arielforgahouse.com.

House District 151:

Joyce Barlow

“I am fair and continuously work to do the right thing and care about all people because as a Registered Nurse and Business Owner non discrimination is a motto I have always believed in and practiced because as a minority I understand discrimination.”



To learn more about Joyce’s campaign, please visit www.JoyceBarlow.com

Fulton County Commissioner District 1:

Maggie Goldman

“I believe that every individual should be treated fairly in all situations. When I asked the Fulton jail about their policies, he said that folks lose their privileges but do not lose their rights as people. That’s a great way to put it. There is nothing you can do to lose your rights as a person and I will fight for that to be true in all circumstances.”



To learn more about Maggie’s campaign, visit www.maggie4fulton.com

Fulton County Commissioner District 3:

Lee Morris 

“The reason people such as Alex Wan and Matt Westmoreland, Andrea Boone and Sonya Halpern support me is that I treat everyone with dignity, decency and respect.  I will continue to give LGBTQ voters good government to the best of my ability. “




To learn more about Lee’s campaign, please visit www.VoteLeeMorris.com 

Gwinnett County Commissioner, District 2:

Ben Ku (i)

“As a member of the community myself, I bring that representation and that voice to the commission. I am the first openly LGBTQ member of the board, and will continue to be if re-elected.” 




To learn more about Ben’s Campaign, visit www.kuforyou.com.

Gwinnett Commission District 4:

Marlene Fosque

“I fight and advocate for all Georgians and especially Gwinnettians, regardless of sexuality, race, gender, religious affiliation, etc., and I will continue to do so. I have consistently supported fellow elected officials, like my fellow county commissioner Ben Ku, who are members of the LGBTQ+ community, and will continue to fight to make sure LGBTQ+ voices have a place at the table and are heard. Everyone deserves to feel safe and to be treated fairly and equitably. I will continue to listen to LGBTQ+ voices, hear their concerns, and ensure that those concerns are addressed by the county commission appropriately to ensure that everyone receives the safety, fairness, and equality they deserve.”


To learn more about Marlene’s campaign, please visit www.electmarlenefosque.com.


denotes an openly LGBTQ candidate