2021 Endorsements

The Board of Directors of Georgia Equality, the state’s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization, is proud to release its list of endorsed candidates for the upcoming municipal election runoffs happening on November 30, 2021

In a period in which many people seeking elected office are supportive of the LGBTQ community, the Georgia Equality Board of Directors will issue an endorsement for a candidate who we feel is best placed to advance our policy agenda.  The lack of an endorsement should not necessarily be viewed as a negative reflection of a particular candidate’s views on LGBTQ issues in general.

All Georgians should visit the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page to register to vote, double-check that your voter registration is correct, and view absentee voting information. 


Key Election Dates:

Early voting happening until November 24, 2021

Runoff Election Day: November 30, 2021

2021 General Runoff Election Endorsed Candidates

City of Atlanta


City Council President

Doug Shipman

“I have shown that I willl bring deep knowledge and commitment to my role futhering and consistently including LGBTQ+ people and issues across the entire spectrum of my work. My record includes the inclusion of LGBTQ+ stories and programs from the very beginning of building the National Center for Civil and Human Rights to founding the LGBTQ+ Institute at NCCHR to my work to support and diversify LGBTQ+ artists and arts at the Woodruff Arts Center and beyond to my family’s longtime support of HRC, GA Equality and HIV/AIDS-related organizations and initiatives.”

To learn more about Doug’s campaign, visit www.dougshipman.com

City Council, Post 3, at-large

Keisha Waites

“I am the only candidate in the race that has successfully served 3-terms in a legislative capacity. It is my belief given the challenges we are facing are facing citywide, we must have a representative that has the experience and relationship to navigate the current volatile political current. Secondly, given the adversarial role between the state of Georgia and the City of Atlanta, I have the capacity to serve as an olive branch and conduit to improving relations.”


To volunteer or donate, please visit Keisha’s website at https://www.keishawaites.com

City Council, District 4

Jason Dozier

I believe that District 4 should be welcoming to everyone, regardless of race, class, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual identity. Same sex marriage was recognized as a legal right just six short years ago, and many across the country celebrated the recognition of that right. But I also believe our work is not yet done. Our LGBTQ community members are victimized by discrimination and violence every single day and I will work to ensure that Atlanta strives to foster a community that uplifts our LGBTQ community members

Our nation becomes stronger in the midst of great challenges, and many of these challenges continue to exist in our neighborhoods today. Atlanta must continue its commitment towards addressing the needs of our LGBTQ citizens, and I am personally committed to ensuring that that happens. I stand ready to serve as an ally and advocate in the march towards equality and justice for all Atlantans.

To volunteer or donate, please visit Jason’s website at https://votedozier.com


City Council District 5

Liliana Bakhtiari

“LGBTQIA+ voters should support my candidacy because I have the lived experience to truly shape progressive LGBTQ policy at every level. I have been disowned. I have been homeless, queer, and young, struggling to survive in the city of Atlanta. I have faced discrimination in the workplace based on my gender, sexuality, and race. But I have also learned that these experiences make me better, and serve as a guide for me in my advocacy work. Through my time with Planned Parenthood, Georgia Equality, Victory Fund, and other human rights organizations I have seen whateffective policy can do to protect a community. It is part of why I decided to run – to shape legislation that can help thousands of people rather than just helping one at a time. Thanks to my many mentors in the LGBTQIA+ advocacy space, I am prepared to be the champion that we needat Atlanta City Hall. As our next City Councilmember, I will commit to being the LGBTQIA+nchampion that Atlanta needs. I will fight for transparency around our HOPWA legislation and keep the promise of holding the mayor’s office accountable to ensure that funding is released and allocated properly. I will support the partners already doing the work to champion trans housing solutions and the preservation of Atlanta’s queer history. I will fight for expanded funding for HIV/AIDS and sex education programs in our city, and fight to end the stigma so that we can all be safer. I will champion inclusive legislation at the city level, and will leverage my relationships with county and state officials to be sure that our community is protected at every level. But most importantly, I will always listen to the community leaders, and carry their policies forward so that we can keep building on the foundations that they have worked so hard to lay here in Atlanta, and so that Atlanta can truly be the gay mecca of the South in how it cares for our LGBTQIA+ neighbors.”

To learn more about Liliana’s campaign, visit https://www.lilianaforatlanta.com


City Council District 12

Joyce Sheperd (i)

“I am and advocate and fighter for all.  I have members of my family who are gay and I advocate for them always.”

To learn more about Joyce’s campaign, visit https://www.joycesheperd.com




City of Tucker

City Council District 2, Post 1

Imani Barnes

“I should be supported because I am a part of the LGBTQ+ family and will be the first person on Tucker’s City Council to represesnt us. I would also fight to pass the NDO for equity for all.”


To learn more about Imani’s campaign, visit https://joinarmswithbarnes.com

City of Atlanta

Additionally Reviewed Candidates

Due to the large number of candidates seeking some offices in the City of Atlanta, the board has chosen to assess multiple candidates as ‘Satisfactory’ based on their responses to our survey. Candidates not listed as ‘Satisfactory’ either did not submit a survey, or the responses they submitted were found to be insufficient by the board.


Mayor of Atlanta

Andre Dickens: Satisfactory
Felicia Moore: Satisfactory


Andre Dickens

The issues of equity and inclusion have been core principles of mine throughout my life. My faith teaches me that every one of us is equal and deserves our love and compassion. That applies across the board regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Every one of us is equal and deserves the same rights and opportunities. I’ve strived to uphold this commitment to equality and inclusion through my work at Georgia Tech, where I was the Assistant Director of Outreach Initiatives for the Office of Institute Diversity, to my work as a founding board member of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, as well as my work on City Council.

I have been fortunate to build relationships with many close supporters, advisors and friends who are members of the LGBTQ community. By sharing their stories, I have witnessed first-hand so many parallels between the experiences of the African American community and the LGBTQ community. I was an early supporter of the LGBTQ Institute at The Center for Civil and Human Rights, which teaches us that the story of human and civil rights would not be complete without a discussion of the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ rights. As mayor, I will work to build bridges between these communities and others so that we can all thrive and live up to evolving standards being set in the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement.


Felicia Moore

I have always been a trusted ally to and advocate for the community. As our next mayor, I will have an LGBTQ Advisory Council inside the Mayor’s office, and I will actually listen to and engage with them to develop new, stronger policies that advance equality and non-discrimination.



City Council District 1

Nathan Clubb: Satisfactory
Jason Winston: Satisfactory


Nathan Clubb

I’ve built my campaign team with LGBTQ members at the core. This is no accident; these are my friends and confidantes. My campaign chair is a gay, African-American man. It is by design, that I deliberately choose to surround myself with people whose perspective is different from mine. The first step in building any relationship is listening. I will reach out to District 1’s LGBTQ residents and host a listening tour. I won’t just be there for them to celebrate Stonewall and Pride; I’ll help them with their everyday concerns, including ensuring their employment and housing needs are secure.


Jason Winston

more info coming soon


City Council District 3

Byron Amos: Satisfactory
Erika Estrada: Satisfactory


Byron Amos

I hope to earn the support of the LGBTQ community because I strongly believe that as the cradle of the Civil Rights movement, Atlanta has a moral and civic obligation to upholding human rights for all people – regardless of sexual orientation or identity. If elected, I will collaborate with the Mayor’s LGBT Advisory Committee and LGBTQ residents of District 3 to ensure that we create a city where all people feel safe and supported in living openly as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. I am committed to having ongoing conversations with the LGBTQ community to discuss how we can address the most pressing issues facing their community.


Erika Estrada

LGBTQ Voters should support my candidacy because I am a proven, lifelong ally of the community. My inner circle of support persoanlly, professionally, and for my campaign, all includes members of the LGBTQ community. Their love, support and advice shapes my daily life.


 denotes an openly LGBTQ candidate